House Site Distribution by AP Govt

AP Govt earlier announced that land distribution for houses would be done on eve of the Ugadi festival. However, it was postponed due to the outbreak of Coronavirus.

It’s learned through the Telugu popular newspaper Andra Prabha that land distribution would be carried out on Oct 2 as its mark of Gandhi’ Jayanthi. It’s to be noted that It’s not officially declared by AP Govt.

YS Jagan Govt planned to distribute the 30 lakh house site plots on July 8. But the opposition moved to court and upheld the process of land distribution to the poor.

AP Govt keeps postponing the land distribution to the poor people. As a part of this program, YS Jagan Govt has acquired 43,141 acres of land, out of which 6,976 acres of public land and 16,164 acres of private land for this scheme.

The AP Govt has purchased lands from private people to make sure that all the deserved people get house sites.

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