How to Play PUBG Mobile After Ban in India

How to Play PUBG Mobile After Ban in India: In this post, we share information about how to play PUBG Mobile game after the ban.

Govt of India on September 2nd has banned the well-known battle game PUBG Mobile app apart from 118 mobile apps of China in India. The PUBG Mobile app has been removed from the Google play store. This mobile app will not be accessible by the people in India anymore. The decision to ban the 118 Chinese’ mobile apps has been taken in the view of nations’ sovereignty and security of India. Besides, Indians’ data is being transmitted to a remote unknown location which is a threat to the privacy of Indian citizens.  Most parents are also concerned about their

kids who got addicted to the game and those who play a game would develop psychological ailments like anxiety and stress, mental agony.

How to Play PUBG Mobile After Ban in India 2020

Govt’s decision to ban PUBG mobile and PUBG Mobile lite game have shattered most of the PUBG game lovers. Many of the pubg game players must have got upset with Govts’ decision. These apps have been removed from the Google play store. Banning the PUBG app doesn’t mean that you can’t play PUBG on PC, PS4. You cannot play on mobile as well as on tables. However, you can play it on PC through steam as its PC version PUBG corporation belongs to South Korea.

All you need is a PC with which you can play the PUBG game as it is free. You have to download and install Steam on your PC to play PUBG on your PC. You can choose PUBG Lite for PC if Your PC has minimum requirements. You will get a good gaming experience as the PC version has impressive graphic elements. People in India will not be able to access the PUBG game on mobile.  However, there is an option through which you would play a PUBG game even after the ban of the PUBG game on mobile.

You can play the pubg game like before you did with just a simple trick I’m going to share with you. The trick is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). As we know, Govt has already removed the TikTok app from the Google play store a few weeks ago. Yet the users are accessing it through VPN. Therefore, it’s the best option to install the VPN to play the pubg game. However, it’s not sure that it may help you access this mobile app. 

Even if you are not able to access the Pubg app through a VPN, there is one more alternative to it. If your PC’s IP address is normal, then you can download Pubg mobile Kr. It is a Korean version. Enter this link into your search engine and click on it. Then you will get an option to wait for three seconds. Here you have to cancel it. You will get a get link option when you click on get link after three seconds.

Then you will be redirected to the TapTap official page. You can install the TapTap App from this official website TapTap by clicking on the download button. TapTap Apps’ The interface is so simple. If you want to download any app like pubg, just enter the name of the app and click on the search button to download. Once you enter the name of a pubg app like Pubg app Kr, you will get a download option to download. You can download it.

How to Play PUBG Mobile After Ban in India

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