Middle Class Melodies – Anand Devarakonda, Varsha, Vinod Anantoju

Middle Middle Class Melodies

Middle Class Melodies is a movie directed by Vinod Anantoju, Middle Class Melodies stars Anand Devarkonda and Varsha Bollamma.

Middle class Melodies released on Amazon Prime Video on November 20th.

Popular actors Vijay Devarkonda and Rashmika Mandanna on Tuesday unveiled the trailer of Amazon Original Movie Middle Class Melodies. This movie is directed by Bhavya Creations.


Middle class Melodies crew
Middle class Melodies crew

Middle Class Melodies is a fresh breath of air and promises family entertainment. It’s a sweet love story weaved with lots of laughter and some drama.

The film revolves around a bunch of middle-class people and their dreams, beliefs, struggles and hopes through a light-hearted lens. Prime members in India and across 200 countries and territories can stream Middle Class Melodies which is releasing on November 20th.

Actor AnandDeverkonda:

Anand devarakonda middle class melodies download
Anand devarakonda middle class melodies

Anand Devekonda is an Indian Film actor, Who was worked predominantly in Telugu movie industry. Anand’s previous film Dorasani has impressed the audience very much.

In Middle Class Melodies, I play the character of a common man that most people would relate to. He has big dreams but the journey to accomplish those desires isn’t easy, which is the case most times in life.

Raghava is starkly different from my previous roles and it was certainly challenging to bring out the humor and romance at the same time; but working with such wonderfully talented people including Varsha and Vinod made it extremely easy and comfortable,” said Actor Anand Deverakonda.

Actress Varsha Bollamma:

Varsha Bollamma middle class melodies download
Varsha Bollamma middle class melodies

She is a tamil actress who has worked wonderfully in tamil film industry. She has made her debut with the sathuran, Her other films are Therigiradhaa and Yaanam Theyaan. Her other credits include Kalyanam, 96 and Bigil.

“Middle class melodies is a movie that’s extremely close to my heart because all of us in the team worked with a lot of passion and love. And I’m sure once people watch it, it’ll be close to their hearts as well because the situations, the characters, and everything is extremely raw and relatable!! I had to undergo intensive training and participate in certain workshops to master the Guntur dialect used in the film.

However, it was great working with director Vinod who hails from the same background and who helped me perfect the dialogues.” Said varsha Bollamma.

Director Vinod Anantoju:

The director of the movie Vinod Anantoju is an Indian Film Director, This is his debut movie releasing on Amazon Prime.

“Middle Class Melodies is a story about everyone – me and all of us, who are chasing those seemingly big but simple dreams. The film centers around a bunch of characters from middle-class families and charts their quirky journey. With a relatable storyline peppered with lighthearted moments, I am confident viewers will enjoy this slice of life comedy. I am glad that with Middle Class Melodies releasing worldwide, I will be able to bring smiles across global audiences.” Says director Vindo Anantoju

The rest of the crew include Anand Prasad who has produced the movie. Sweekar Agasti is the music director and Kittu Vissaapragada is the lyricst.

Middle class Melodies Trailer review

Middle class Melodies Trailer review
Middle class Melodies Trailer review

The Trailer of the movie is wonderful. Its got all the ingredients of a complete family entertainer. The story follows the character Raghav who is the master of a very famous Bombau Chutney that is unlike anything anyone has ever tasted. Luck doesn’t favour him in other endeavours and the result is an unsatisfied and dejected father.

The promo is full of bittersweet moments between the father and son. There is a love angle as well that has been brought into this film aout food and family. The trailer is an indication, that the viewers are in for treat.

Middle Class Melodies movie download and watch online

Even you can download the movie from piracy sites, But it is illegal. So it is better that you

watch in on Amazon Prime movie itself. Recently Tamilrockers website has been banned completely.

Middle Class Melodies movie was getting various rumours that the movie is leaked on piracy sites like,tamilrockers and movierulz but its not the case here.

Middle class Melodies leaked on Movierulz & Tamilrockers

Middle class melodies download movierulz

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Middle class melodies download Tamilrockers

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Disclaimer: we don’t encourage piracy, Watch the movies in theatres. Because of the pandemic the theatres are closed we request you to watch movies on the OTT platforms like Amazon Prime video, Hotstar, Aha, Zee 5 and many more.

Watch Middle Class Melodies Only On Amazon Prime Videos

Surya’s Aakasam Nee Haddura Movie Leaked on Movierulz

We should encourage people to not to watch movies on piracy sites because producers and actors invest their time and money in the movie and give their best. If you are watching them on the piracy sites then all the work of the crew is wasted.

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List of Cast and Crew of the movie Middle Class Melodies

Color Photo Movie Download and Watch Online Free HD Quality


Anand Devarkonda as raghav.

Varsha Bollamma 

Thraun bhaskcker among many others. The story and the dialogue writing has been done by Janardhan pasumarthi, the music is composed by Sweekar Agasthi with RH vikram who has worked on background music.

The cinematography is handled by Sunny Kurapati and editing is by Raviteja Girijala. It is produced by V Ananda Prasad under the banner Bhavya Creations.

Middle class Melodies released on Amazon Prime Video on November 20th

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